We watched as the he-men of the Weekly Standard and the rest of Conservative, Inc., leapt up off their couches to valiantly defend the liberal tech giants who have been testing the waters to see just how much silencing of conservatives they can get away with. All those articles about leftist impositions on our free speech were good to rile up the rubes, but post-Trump, when conservative speech is threatened by liberals dipping their toes in the pool by banning a fringy like Alex Jones, these conservaquislings prance about with unequivocal support. It’s easy to see their end game – they hope to be the last ones kneeling when the libs silence everyone else to the right of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Then they figure that if they are harmless and obedient enough, the liberals will let them go back to being the soft, ineffectual conservativish opposition that we rejected when we elected Trump.

We outsider conservative voices are competition to the puffcons, so of course the conservative establishment is eager for the overlords of Silicon Valley to erase us. The softies cannot compete, largely because they do not want to compete. They are about enjoying their lame sinecures, not moving the ball forward for our benefit. They hope to someday go back to when they could pose and posture and pretend to be fighting the good fight when all they really cared about was mapping out what think tank mixers they would hit that evening and what hors d’oeuvres they could wrap up in napkins, shove in the pockets of their threadbare sport coats, and take back to gnaw on in their crappy apartments by the flickering light of Star Trek reruns.