But even though Mueller doesn’t look like a Prince Charming to me, I must admit that I don’t begrudge him his maleness and privilege anymore. Whatever resentment I had toward his caste has vanished. And not just because Mueller is an enemy of my enemy.

It’s because he belongs to the informal political party I most admire: the disciplined.

If the future is female and pluralist, it’s also true that Mueller and other men like him are enjoying a heyday. They’ve been crucial to the effort to bring Trump to justice and check his despotic, anti-American instincts, undemocratic. I offer one cheer, then — aw, let’s give them three — for white male traditionalists.

Liberals can’t change the country’s course alone. It’s ingrained in people of color and women to regard institutions — universities, marriage, family, government, corporations, law enforcement, banks, the military — with skepticism and even suspicion.