Now though, I think women are in a position to demand more. We shouldn’t have to choose between self-sterilization and a marginal social status as “the second sex.” We should be able to embrace our physiology in all its aspects, while demanding that men do the same. The truth is that women do pay a price for the suppression of natural fertility. Part of that is physiological, while other consequences spring from the fact that women have narrower windows of time in which to realize the good of parenthood. Then there are a host of cultural consequences. Just over the past few years, we have several times been shocked by revelations of appalling sexual exploitation, on college campuses and in workplaces. Obviously nothing justifies sexual predation, but it’s undoubtedly easier for men to treat women as sex toys when pregnancy is effectively removed from the picture. Feminists have amply proven that women are capable of great strength, independence, and achievement, but we still have some unique vulnerabilities relating to sex. The organic-sex lifestyle respects that. By treating fertility as a natural aspect of womanhood, it motivates men to consider carefully whether they’re truly ready for sexual intimacy.