Sombra — “shadow” in English — is a drug-detection dog with the Colombian National Police. Over the past few years, her radar nose has led to more than 200 arrests and the seizure of at least nine tons of illicit drugs. That success has turned the dog into something of a folk hero in a country consumed by ongoing bloodshed piled on top of a long legacy of drug violence. The Colombian press has even dubbed Sombra “the terror” of drug traffickers.

But Sombra is so good at her job that Colombia’s dominant drug crew is retaliating. They’ve put a price on the dog’s head.

According to Colombia’s RCN Radio, police intelligence recently learned about the bounty set by the Urabeños, also known as the Gulf Clan. Reports vary on the price tag for killing the dog, between 20 and 200 million Colombian pesos — or about $7,000 and $70,000 in U.S. currency. But the threat is serious enough for the National Police to take extra precautions for Sombra’s security.