In addition to being cheaper than American-harvested produce, Mexican imports exacerbate the effects of climate change, Accursio argues. And he remains frustrated that the three interconnected issues that affect him the most—trade, immigration, and the environment—continue to remain unresolved.

“I think the carbon footprint is where we should start. We have winter tomatoes right here in Homestead, Florida, and still Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart truck Canadian tomatoes, Mexican tomatoes to put on the shelf,” he added. “And then on the side of their trucks they say ‘farm to table.’ That’s not farm to table. When you have the product right here, why truck that stuff all the way over here. The carbon footprint is the main thing we can do immediately to help.”

Accursio remains unsure if Trump can get the job done, and he believes Trump will need a full eight years to accomplish his goals because of the overwhelming opposition Trump faces. Curbelo is unsure if he will back Trump in 2020; he has to get past 2018 first.

“We need you to get behind him,” Accursio told him. “Homestead is suffering.”