A common criticism of the first iteration of Occupy was that protesters were big on energy but low on specific demands or goals. Occupy Ice Portland’s ultimate aim, like that of other Occupy Ice groups, is simply to abolish Ice. But shorter-term goals include making sure Portland city council lives up to its commitment to be a sanctuary city and offering legal help and resources to undocumented immigrants.

The group’s presence forced the Ice building to close for more than a week in June. In the process of federal law enforcement agents reopening the building on 23 June, eight protesters were arrested.

By then, though, activists elsewhere had begun to take note. On 2 July, a camp appeared outside an Ice office in Philadelphia. More than 20 people were arrested there on Tuesday – police and homeland security officers told protesters they couldn’t block Ice’s garage doors. On Thursday afternoon, police forcibly dismantled the camp, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.