“When Trump supporters come to my office at the Mayo Clinic, I love misdiagnosing their healthy pregnancies as ectopic so they have to abort their white fetuses,” Twitter user @DrNifkin wrote last week.

Since then, the Mayo Clinic has debunked the hoax more than 100 times to Twitter users like “@CovfefeCarrierAR15,” “@PickASlur,” and InfoWars writer Paul Joseph Watson.

Obviously the Mayo Clinic employs no such doctor. Instead, outraged conservative accounts were responding to a troll account riffing on a meme that pre-dates the Trump presidency. The joke follows a predictable format: Twitter users announce that they “love” their job where they go to improbable lengths to inconvenience Trump voters. The jobs are fake and the tweets are obvious variations on an old meme, but the backlash from Twitter conservatives is real.