Face it: Republicans are better at this than Democrats. The solution is not to be Pelosi standing down, or Waters screaming in someone’s face, but to quietly shun those like the Golden Couple who could say something or do something but don’t. At the Gridiron Dinner, pre-caging children, Ivanka floated around as the center of attention in a designer ballgown so puffed out with crinolines it served as a velvet rope to keep her admirers at arm’s length. Maybe she would stiffen her spine if she were not the belle of the ball.

Should the pair return this summer, they should not be treated in a way that would make headlines but would make clear they’ve sunk to a new level of complicity that can’t be overlooked even on a social occasion. A nod or a stiff arm extended for a handshake to avoid the air kiss. No polite small talk and stay stuck to your chair when the music plays. Make it clear to them, in some quiet dignified way, that the border crisis is a bridge too far.