Sometimes, my replies to his tweets would be silly. But many times, I’d cite sources and articles that completely and accurately disputed what he was tweeting about, like in February 2017, when he insisted that the majority of the country supported his Muslim ban. It was patently and demonstrably false, and I replied to him with a link to an article to that effect.

In late May 2017, Trump blocked me for saying, “this is pretty much how the whole world sees you” accompanied by a gif of the pope rolling his eyes at Trump. Apparently, that was the last straw as far as he was concerned. I logged back in several hours later to find that not only was I blocked, but many of my Twitter pals had been blocked as well.

Twitter is as public a forum as a town hall meeting. By blocking people who disagree with him, he’s not only blocking our right to petition our government and access important information, but he distorts that public forum by purging critical voices. It’s like a senator throwing someone out of a town hall because they held up a “disagree” sign.