How did the room respond to her racist tweet?

The reaction was universal disgust. That tweet doesn’t reflect anything to do with our show, which was built on trying to explore a universal humanity that everyone goes through during hard times and difficult circumstances. We all felt the same thing about the tweet: we were horrified by it and we also knew what it meant for the show. So There was a sadness about it too for us.

Did you expect the show to be canceled? ABC, up until Tuesday, had not really addressed the controversy surrounding Barr. The backlash to the Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat joke and the old images that resurfaced of Barr dressed as Hitler…

Roseanne’s previous behavior had been concerning but we thought it fell under umbrella of politics and the crazy conspiracy theories that she likes to traffic in. Some of that we thought was her own private opinions that she was entitled to. But when it came to something like racism, there was no longer any way to accept what she was saying.