There’s a great new video at Prager U. about the power of words in politics. It explains that the culture is “first and foremost a war of words,” and since the Left in this country are the ones in power, they clearly own the dialogue. Thus, they control the culture.

The phrase “toxic masculinity” is a perfect example. We’ve been hearing this phrase bantered about for several years. Now we have universities with the audacity to treat masculinity as a “mental health” disorder. It’s appalling and outrageous.

And it is women, not men, who are behind this madness. By my calculations, then, it isn’t men who are toxic. It’s women.

There is nothing harmful about masculinity or femininity in their respective natural states. Nothing. There are, however, broken women and men. Broken men tend to lash out in violent ways — hence, the concept of “toxic masculinity” — but it isn’t their DNA that’s hurting them. It’s their lack of purpose. And that lack of purpose stems from the lack of a father or father figure. As Dr. Warren Farrell explains here (as well as in his new book, The Boy Crisis): “Boys who hurt, hurt us.”