Much of the Trump-Hating Industrial Complex has already tried and convicted Pruitt on cable TV panels, appointing themselves experts in someone else’s living arrangements to demand Pruitt’s sacking.

What lurks beneath, though, is not a concern for ethics or thrifty travel budgets (they might want to check EPA directors under Obama before they tee off on travel), but rather adherence to liberal environmental policy that borders on religious conviction. Many on the left love government regulations and hate anyone who tears them down, as Pruitt has successfully done at EPA.

Having failed to incite a national panic last week over the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, the Trump haters have moved on this week to destroying Pruitt. There’s a good chance they will fail at this, too. Why? Losing Pruitt would rob the Trump administration of an effective operator who has done more than most to make good on the President’s campaign promises.