The ultimate goal of many, though far from all, on the Left is to essentially apply the same kind of restrictions to gun ownership that exist in many major cities that make it difficult if not impossible to own or carry guns. That’s why the split in this country is not so much generational as it is regional with those — young and old — who live where gun ownership is normative backing gun rights and those who live areas where it is unusual opposing them.

That’s why the debate about guns always ends in stalemate no matter what the polls say about public support for particular proposals. The incendiary rhetoric the students employ only deepens that divide and increases the bitterness and suspicion on both sides.

Democrats avoid talk about repeal for good reasons. Up until now there has been little public support for tampering with the Constitution. Even liberals pay lip service to the notion of gun rights and, as Obama often did, mock the notion that their goal is to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens.