Though a junior, he brings to life the roots of the word ‘sophomore.’
Like “philosophy,” “sophomore” is one of those richly nuanced Greek words that should be handled with care. Of course, it is the name given to second-year students in a four-year program.

It is a humorous and not entirely flattering term. It is a compound word, combining “Sophos,” meaning wise, and “Moros,” meaning stupid, because second-year students know just enough to make themselves think they know it all, thereby making themselves dumb. It is amazing how predictable and consistent this phenomenon is. And it’s a very good reason why we should gently but firmly tell David Hogg and his friends marching on Washington to sit down, stop speaking, and listen.

Unlike the Kardashians, social media, gender studies, or anything sold by Starbucks, the Second Amendment is not some fraudulent circus scam designed to deceive, corrupt, and impoverish. Peace, order, and good government have had an amazingly long run in America, but they are fragile things, and the United States Constitution did not secure them by chance.