More than a month ago, conservatives rose up in coordinated demands to “release the memo.” The memo was, supposedly, contained breathtaking evidence of corruption in the Department of Justice. The agents of the Deep State had allegedly used a partisan memo to spy on the Trump campaign, hiding its provenance. Fox News and numerous Republicans insisted the memo gave Trump all the cause he needed to fire Rod Rosenstein and reign in Robert Mueller.

Republicans managed to delay the publication of a rebuttal memo by House Democrats for several weeks. The motivation for the delay is obvious. The Democratic memo lays waste to every important accusation made by Nunes. (Or, to put it more accurately, made by Trump via Nunes.)

Did the Department of Justice rely on the Christopher Steele memo in order to surveil Carter Page? No, it did not. The FBI opened its counterintelligence investigation in July, 2016. It received the Steele memo in September: