Lewandowski told the president that the RNC was not raising nearly enough money — even though the party has raised record sums — and not doing enough to support his agenda. The former Trump campaign manager also griped that he could no longer get his calls returned from the White House, these people said, and was being blocked by the president’s assistant and others under the direction of Kelly.

Lewandowski complained, too, about the Office of Public Liaison, saying it was not effective in building out Trump’s relationships and the White House’s message. Other advisers present outlined to the president what could be a difficult year ahead and urged the White House to beef up its management of the political calendar and party efforts.

Trump did not react angrily to what Lewandowski said and instead listened and watched for the reaction of others, revealing little about where exactly he lands in these debates among Trump associates, the people added.

But essentially, Lewandowski tried to convince the president that “he wasn’t being served well,” in the words of one person with knowledge.