This national security strategy is founded on a mantra of “America first” — not “America alone” — under which the president and his White House reassert the Judeo-Christian values of the republic and the ties that bind us to those who share those values, be they countries in Europe, such as Poland, or countries in the Middle East, such as Israel. (In this regard the national security strategy echoes key elements of the pivotal speeches President Trump has already made in Warsaw and Jerusalem.)

However, the strategy is also informed by the concept of “principled Realism,” meaning, America will look at the world as it is, not as we would wish it to be based upon some ideological filter. As a result, we will not go looking to force our political system on others, or become entangled in foolish and costly foreign adventures. But we will talk honestly about the threats we do face and the actions that must be taken now to secure all Americans against said threats.