All of the videos contain abundant examples of quotes like these ones. They aren’t “taken out of context.” They aren’t “deceptively edited.” These are truthful statements, present in the full footage, spoken by Planned Parenthood’s own employees.

The subsequent House investigation of the entire industry confirmed much of what was revealed in these videos. The panel found that biotech firms such as StemExpress — which has itself been referred to federal agencies for further investigation — explicitly market themselves to abortion clinics as partners that can help drive up profit margins for the clinics.

Biotech firms employ their own technicians to work within Planned Parenthood clinics to do all the work of harvesting, packaging, and shipping the tissue and organs. This means that the “reimbursement” Planned Parenthood claimed to have received for performing these tasks was in fact pure profit, which is illegal under federal law. (The law allows clinics to be reimbursed for costs associated with the transfer of fetal tissue and body parts, but prohibits the sale of fetal material.)