“I wasn’t really talking about moving on from those allegations,” Jones said, walking back those earlier remarks. “I think, Seth, anybody that followed my campaign knows that I have consistently had women’s empowerment issues at the forefront of my campaign. And especially after these allegations—not only with the president, but with others across the country and Roy Moore, I think we’ve truly reached a tipping point, a kind of a crossroads in this country, where women who have been abused and felt abused can now stand up, speak out. That is what I have been for all along.”

“What I want to do, though, is for me personally, I think the people of Alabama voted for me to put me up there to try to talk about health care and those issues,” he continued. “And I want to get in there to do those issues. But that doesn’t by any stretch mean that I don’t think that those issues and those women who have made those allegations aren’t important. They are. They need to stand up, they need to speak out, and everybody needs to pay attention to them.”