In his new book, “The Economics of US Health Care Policy,” Charles Phelps from the University of Rochester offers innovative health care changes such as eliminating the favored tax treatment for employer-paid health insurance premiums, improving the operations of health insurance exchanges, and leveling the playing field for competitive alternatives to Medicare fee for service coverage. These are the sort of policy changes smart conservatives will be pushing for in 2018.

The manifold lessons of Roy Moore’s Senate loss in Alabama are a warning signal for conservatives to better vet 2018 congressional candidates and avoid letting the anti-establishment impulse — however valid in many respects it may be — to cloud their better judgement.

It’s time to put racial division behind us and come together as our national motto, E Pluribus Unum, implores. Conservatives need moral clarity to mend the wounds of racial division in our country. Under President Trump’s first year, black and Latino Americans have seen historical improvements in their employment levels. Trump and conservatives can come together across the aisle to work with progressives on criminal justice reform, reportedly an early 2018 policy priority for Jared Kushner, whose family has personal experience on ways to reform our penal system.