A new report from Jenn Abelson at the Boston Globe details numerous allegations of sexism and reveals an entrenched “locker room culture” that runs through ESPN. Abelson spoke with roughly two dozen current and former employees at the network while compiling her report.

The women told Abelson about difficulties of working for ESPN, including allegations of unwanted touching and advances from their male coworkers. According to the women, the problems were most often from those who had been with the network for some time.

Current and former employees say the network still faces problems when it comes to older men preying on younger women, particularly production assistants just out of college.

“It’s like cutting your arm in an ocean full of sharks,” said one current employee, who said she has received unwanted physical contact from one colleague and listened to another rate women on a score of one to ten. “The second new blood is in the water, they start circling.”