Only a small number of men are guilty of this, but I can spot them a mile off. Over-entitled and aggressive, they view my womanspreading on a spectrum that ranges from unattractive to an open invitation. It’s tempting to quietly bring my legs together under their judging eyes, but in recent years I’ve been responding with a stare so defiant it would make queen womanspreader Shan Boodram proud. If I’ve been doing enough squats, I’ll even try to claim more space than before.

This might all sound like a pointless exercise, but at a time where sexual assault and harassment allegations are springing up all around us, it’s more important than ever. After decades of being hushed up and ignored, women’s voices are only just starting to be heard. The #MeToo movement shows how many of us have been forced into a corner over the years, be it emotionally or physically, and how we are now fighting back.