Netflix is now painting on the greatest canvas in our generation the picture of soldiers as victims who do monstrous things. Aside from the Obama veteran, the others are either good people who go crazy or well-adjusted people who are in fact evil, monsters, or something close to that. You cannot really blame this on the story or dramatic requirements. It’s the liberal version of the desire to humiliate the troops.

Of course, as we all enjoy liberal paranoid entertainment, there are evil CIA types and contractors and special forces operators. These guys are insanely efficient at their conspiracies, except when they have to deal with this one nobody then fail. That goes well with the typical TV show genius hacking into everything.

With such magical tech powers, you wonder that the wars didn’t turn out better, but that is besides the point. You needn’t think about the politics of the war—you’re already being sold on the idea that corrupt influential types betrayed good-hearted, but dumb and destructive Americans. Evil profiteers profiteered evilly—that’s “the real America.”