It’s easy to look scornfully at how evangelicals cling to these controversial Republican candidates, but the truth is that the other side isn’t doing its job of filling the niche that Republicans have abandoned. There is a demand for someone to be the opposite of Roy Moore and Donald Trump. But whether it’s doubling down on profanity, or pandering to their culture war base, Democrats have not fought to become a viable alternative for disenchanted Republicans who are looking for an alternative to an increasingly vulgar GOP.

It seems to me that there should be a party for the person who cares about defending the unborn—and protecting the refuge and the immigrant. There should be a party for the person who wants to say “Merry Christmas” at the Wal-Mart, but also believes that our culture has become too commercialized. Whether you’re for defending unborn children, underage waitresses, or refugees, these are all issues that people of faith and compassion might band together on in defense of the vulnerable against the powerful. But there is no one political party (or movement) that is consistent on these issues. In fact, politically speaking, they are almost mutually exclusive.