But violence is gaining actual legitimacy on the other side of the political spectrum. Left-wing violence is on the rise. Even Noam Chomsky sees the incredible lengths they’ve gone to, calling Antifa a “major gift to the right.” Peter Beinhart wrote in the Atlantic about the rise of the “violent left” even as he chided President Trump’s interpretation of the group.

The list of left-wing violence since President Trump’s inauguration is exhaustive. Riots in Berkeley over Milo’s speech; 21 arrested. The Department of Justice is investigating inciters of the #DisruptJ20 inauguration rioters. Violent protests caused Trump to cancel a campaign stop in Chicago last year. A riot in Portland; 71 arrested. Protesters attacking police in Indianapolis. Riots in Oakland, where an officer injured and a police cruiser vandalized. Local media report: “All was peaceful.” A “Bernie bro,” James Hodgkinson shot Congressman Scalise and four other Republicans in June.