He has universal, unmatchable name ID in a divided field of Republicans. It’s a deep and impressive field by any conventional measuring stick but, for the most part, voters don’t know them. And the ones who do will, as we saw in the 2016 presidential primaries, divide their votes among the field of conventional candidates.

Earned media: He will get so much attention from the press. Like Donald Trump before him, Kid Rock will be the most interesting candidate in America from the sound of the opening gun. People will want to watch what he does, so CNN and company will keep the cameras on him. And they’ll use his first-place standing in the early polls to justify the ratings-grab. That’s what 2016 taught us.

He is running in a divided GOP primary: That means he doesn’t have to get 50 percent of Republicans, he probably just has to get one in three Republicans to vote for him. This was what Trump understood. He likely never would have won a true two-race race from the beginning, as all the anti-Trump voters would have been able to consolidate. But in a divided field, the candidate with a significant, devoted base is hard to beat.