Last week, Clinton led in the RCP average by eight points. The state is still hers to lose — her lead is 4.7 points – but Republicans are seeing their candidate quickly make up ground.

A GOP source in the state shared internal polling with RCP that showed Trump gaining necessary ground within his party. Three weeks ago, he lagged behind by 11 points, with 69 percent of support from Republicans. Two weeks ago, he was behind by four points, with 76 percent of GOPers backing him. Last week, Clinton led by three points, with 84 percent of Republicans supporting their nominee.

And a WBUR poll released Thursday morning showed Trump inching ahead by a single percentage point.

“Republicans are coming home,” the source said, noting that Trump’s numbers improved as he was in the news less and the spotlight remained on Clinton. New Hampshire does not have early voting, so the final days of a campaign can be particularly influential.