He will be shown respect. He will also be scrutinized. The media will be on his back 24/7, and he’ll give them plenty to report. The Republicans will try to bend him to their will. Although Paul Ryan expressed his thanks to Trump for the GOP control of Congress, the reality is that they have subtly different agendas and will likely fight over much.

The courts will frustrate any overreach. The 2018 midterms will cast judgment. Those who compare this situation to Germany in 1933 are not only grossly exaggerating, to an offensive degree, but they misunderstand the nature of Germany at that time. It had barely tasted democracy, its institutions were weak. America’s are strong.

That and Trump simply isn’t Hitler. He is moderate on many areas of policy, such as gay rights, and flexible on others, such as the economy. And several of the issues he ran and won on are serious issues that he was right to address.