David French, for whom I wanted to vote for president, offers a theory on what Never Trumpers should do now. With all due respect, I have another, simpler theory on what we Never Trumpers should do: disband, congratulate President-elect Trump, and work to help him make America great again.

Our job now is to hope we were wrong, and to work from our hopes, not our fears.

Never Trumpers had a disagreement with the Republicans who supported Trump in the primaries. That disagreement never became ideological in the general election because an independent candidate capable of defining an ideological schism worth risking a Clinton victory never emerged. Being a decent guy like Evan McMullin (who ran one of the blandest, least content-filled, most consultant-driven campaigns I’ve ever seen) is not enough. The economically libertarian, socially liberal platform of Gary Johnson earned just 3 percent of the vote, siphoning votes away more or less equally from Clinton and Trump, if pre-election polls are to be believed.