3. Amnesty for the illegal immigrants — for obvious political reasons. Legalization of between 11 and 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S., either through a new Democrat congress or executive order, will produce enough excess Democrat votes to render it impossible for a Republican ever to win at the national level again. (Non-Americans are known to favor Democrats. Why?) This establishes the one-party state without real opposition that the Dems have long craved. The political takeover scheme is to present-day America what the Enabling Act was to 1930s Germany — this time with the timorous Republican Party playing the pliant role of von Hindenburg. (Trump said bad things so let’s elect someone who has done a hundred times worse.) Again, will our coming leftist dictatorship be any different than any such regime the world has seen?

The Democrats’ penchant for demonizing and destroying any who dare to disagree with them is only a foretaste of our future civil (il)liberties. The Dems reveal their totalitarian proclivities in many subtle ways, and some that are not so subtle — such as massive election fraud, shouting down conservative campus speakers, and criminalizing opposition à la the IRS. The next atrocity on the horizon is a war on religion. Upon reification of the Democrat tyranny, any faith, church, or clergyman that preaches morally against the sacraments of liberal social orthodoxy such as homosexual marriage, legal marijuana, unrestricted abortion, or unisex restrooms will be subject to prosecution for a hate crime. Watch for it. You won’t have to wait long.