No place was this better seen than in the April Pennsylvania primary. Trump did what virtually no other politician could do – in a multicandidate race, he won all 67 Pennsylvania counties. Think about that for one moment. Trump was able to unite urban Philadelphia, metropolitan suburban Philadelphia voters, the conservative T, and the blue-collar southwest in a hotly contested primary.

Trump was able to unite Pennsylvania voters, and millions more across the country, because he has given voice to the problems facing America. His slogan “Make America Great Again” strikes at the heart of this problem because places like Johnstown and Erie were once great, but the unfettered and unchecked globalization, particularly trade and immigration, advocated by both Republicans and Democrats crushed these and other communities. When they raise their voices, these towns are admonished to simply catch up with the rest of the world; it was their own fault they weren’t prepared for the new economy.

Sure, some of Trump’s rhetoric has made some people uncomfortable, and some of his prescriptions need to be tweaked, but I join him in saying, No more! If you think this sentiment is waning after the primary, you need only look at the vote in the United Kingdom. Hardworking families there and here are no longer going to take it on the chin and be told it is good for them.