While some have made the case that Kim Kardashian and her friend Emily Ratajkowski have made boobs boring, breasts are in fact are so potent that they may be hastening our decline. Breasts and female nudity have always been eye-catching to positively distracting, depending on your sex. The sheer boobitude immediately available either through online porn, Kardashian’s Twitter feed, and Tinder (otherwise known as Uber for boobs) has rapidly accelerated to the point that men have stopped creating because there’s so few obstacles to seeing them.

Perhaps you scoff and say highbrow Western art since the middle ages has featured images and imagery of the female breast. That may just be the point. They had to undertake significant effort to present images of the female breast, as opposed to a Tumblr of boobs or the www.giant.woowwwzz.com that is available in one click. Further, take note that the prime age for invention used to be one’s early twenties; often, scientists and other folks were not as productive in later decades.

Now, that is often not the case: “There’s a boom in inventions by people over 50,” John Calvert, executive director of the United Inventors Association, told the New York Times. “Over 60 percent of the association’s members are older, he added, so they also have more time for inventing.”