The presumed Senate Democratic leader in 2017 (and majority leader, if Dems win back control of the chamber) chats with the Center for Migration Studies, a New York-based immigration policy center, about the prospects for a comprehensive bill next year. Though he acknowledges the turbulent rhetoric on immigrants in the presidential primary race, Schumer predicts a “rainbow at the end of the storm here” and adds: “I think that in 2017, both Democrats and Republicans will come together and pass immigration reform. Paul Ryan has made no secret about the fact that he has been open to immigration reform.”

–Schumer continued: “Our Republican-Democratic coalition in the Senate will be alive and well. And I think if the election results show that this anti-immigration hostility won’t work politically, people will say let’s get it done. I am optimistic. And if I become the Democratic leader … I’m going to make it a high priority.” The Senate Democrat, who led the Gang of Eight negotiations in 2013, said that bill is a “pretty good model” for whatever legislation may come in 2017 and its main tenets – the pathway to citizenship, reforms to the legal immigration system for high- and low-skilled workers – would stay, although he hoped border security could go in a “more progressive direction.”