Sen. Ted Cruz’s wipeout in the New York primary, while expected, nevertheless rattled many Republican insiders and activists who did not foresee the magnitude of the defeat. Is Cruz crumbling? Was Wisconsin an anomaly? The Cruz campaign set itself up, sending the candidate to campaign for days in New York and suggesting that Cruz could pick off congressional districts. He didn’t, and worse, came in third. Expectations should have been kept low. Really low.

Just as they recovered from New York, anti-Trump Republicans looked up to see a batch of polls from the states that will be voting on April 26. Trump is ahead by a healthy margin in all of them. Gulp. Trump is winning by 18 points in one California poll. According to another report, Cruz is tied in two Indiana polls and behind in one. Yikes.

Before Trump opponents started to light their hair on fire and close their checkbooks, a memo from Our Principles PAC tried to reassure donors that “Trump can will ALL of the committed delegates in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey . . . AND win the large majority in Connecticut, Indiana and California . . . AND win a plurality of delegates in Maryland, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington and New Mexico AND still fall short of the 1,237 threshold.” That’s a relief. Sort of.