Two new Indiana polls show Trump with a lead in the state. A poll for the Indianapolis television station WTHR, released Friday evening, shows Trump with 37 percent, Cruz with 31 percent, and John Kasich with 22 percent. A Fox News poll released about the same time has Trump at 41 percent, Cruz at 33 percent, and Kasich at 16 percent.

Cruz and the #NeverTrump forces allied with him are hoping to make the Indiana race a repeat of the Wisconsin primary, in which Cruz surged to a double-digit win over Trump on the strength of talk-radio support, the endorsements of Gov. Scott Walker and other top state officials, and Trump’s mistakes. So far, though, Cruz has not had the same sort of unified talk-radio support in Indiana, nor has Gov. Mike Pence endorsed him (at least yet), nor has Trump made any big mistakes (at least yet).

Beyond that, the polls do not indicate a Wisconsin-like path in Indiana. In Wisconsin, there were early indications of a Cruz move in polls released ten days ahead of the primary. A Washington Free Beacon poll showed Cruz over Trump by five points, while an Emerson poll showed Cruz up by two.