Gattuso had, as women having consensual sex have throughout history, chosen the partners, the place, the time and the action. And yet she believes the power balance isn’t in her favor. Have we really gone so far down the rabbit hole that the obvious fact that women can have sex whenever and however they want to, while men can have sex only whenever and however women want to, isn’t obvious?

Traister notes that “young women don’t always enjoy sex” and “sex on offer to young women is not of very high quality.” Yes, young men are generally not very good at sex, film at 11. But Traister’s conclusion is that “the game is rigged” with the “game” being sex and the rigging being done by the sinister patriarchy to deprive women of sexual pleasure.

Apparently men are too self-involved and need to provide more in bed for women. The constant “men should do this for women” is the antithesis of feminism yet frequently embraced by self-described feminists.

The grrrls of the ’90s have given way to the uptight millennial women waiting on men to make them happy. But the game isn’t rigged — women need to step up and take responsibility for their own pleasure, just as men do, and not wait for men to provide it for them.