When she made her debut on Saturday Night Live, she told Norton, Palin had been scheduled to appear the following weekend, but “because something came up in the campaign, she came and did the week I was doing it.” Palin was ratings gold in 2008, “so it was one of the most watched SNLs ever, and then it was two weeks before the Grammy ballot, which is when people decide what songs they want to maybe nominate, so, like, literally the stars aligned for me,” Adele told Norton. “And then the album shot to No. 1 on iTunes, I was nominated for a Grammy, and I won one. I mean it was a joke. It was a joke. All thanks to Sarah Palin.”

It seems like Tina Fey should get a bit of thanks, too. But for those not interested with Palin’s role in Adele’s success, the show also contained a sketch where Adele, disguised in a wig and prosthetics, auditioned for a TV show as an Adele impersonator named Jenny, The Independent reports. You can get a taste of the show in the BBC clip below. Peter Weber