The release of the full trailer this month predictably occasioned a great deal of fan speculation and debate. We can expect more of the same when the movie itself comes out. Whatever the public response to the movie, it’s important that we take stock of the entire series in order to determine “The Force Awakens’” place in it. I am afraid that, due to a dense fog of nostalgia and sentimentality, most people are unclear as to which Star Wars movie is the best. Well, I’ll tell you right now and save you the trouble of a movie marathon weekend: the best Star Wars movie is “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.”

I know, I know. I was a bit surprised when I realized it myself. After all, doesn’t everyone know the new trilogy sucks from beginning to end? Don’t episodes IV through VI blow episodes I through III out of the water? Well, no, they don’t. I will gladly concede that episodes I and II are bad films, and that after making them George Lucas should have publicly apologized and then retired in shame. But I am lost as to why the original trilogy is held in such high esteem. It is, all things considered, a largely boring and unsatisfying trio of movies. When it comes to an authentically good cinematic experience, Episode III is the only legitimate contender.