I decided to try three of Potlicker’s jellies—IPA, oatmeal stout, and apricot ale—along with “beer butter” from Brooklyn’s Anarchy in a Jar for good measure. (Not butter butter, but apple butter-based.) 

So how do you eat beer jelly? Like jelly. It’s not that hard, I promise.
The oatmeal stout jelly is the most intimidating, with its dark brown color and heady smell. But it’s actually sweet, and a lot fruitier than you’d expect. The roasted, yeasty flavors you want from a stout are there, but it’s not like chomping into Marmite by any means. With sliced juicy figs and a cracker, it was delicious. On a tear of Brie, even better. Potlicker suggests throwing it into marinades and sauces as well, and while I didn’t whip up a midsummer pot roast for this story, I can’t imagine this not being delicious.

The IPA jelly is similarly enjoyable. The grapefruit and tropical fruit flavors from the hops shine, and instead of bitterness in the aftertaste you get the remnants of the alcohol burn, keeping the jelly from getting cloying. It’s especially good globbed on top of a smear of soft, mild cheese like d’Affinois.