Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told top donors Wednesday that he wants other struggling candidates to drop out of the presidential race so Republicans can coalesce behind an alternative to Donald Trump.

“It’s just was my fundamental feeling that I had a chance to lead not by running and winning in this instance, but by not running and challenging others in this race to consider making this decision because I believe in the end if we narrow the field to just a few quality, positive alternatives to the frontrunner, it’s not only good for the party it’s good for the country,” Walker said in a 10-minute conference call to which POLITICO obtained access.

It’s the first time Walker directly tied his decision to leave the race to a bid to take down Trump — who currently sits atop the GOP field in polls — though he did not mention the real estate mogul by name. At his press conference announcing his exit from the race Monday, Walker had urged other struggling candidates to drop out to help narrow the field.