Here are some key insights based on how Republicans view the candidates today and how these views have changed over time:

Donald Trump: Trump’s net favorability rating among Republicans climbed 16 points over the last two weeks. This marks a significant shift; Trump’s image previous to the last two weeks had been relatively stable despite the extraordinary media attention his candidacy has engendered. He now joins Fiorina and Carson as having chalked up the largest gains on this dimension since mid-July. Trump had near-universal name identification when Gallup tracking began in July, and he retains the distinction of being the best known of the candidates. Still, even with his significant image gains, Trump remains sixth on the net favorability list, trailing Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, Cruz and Huckabee.

Ted Cruz: The Texas senator’s net favorable rating ticked up seven points in the last two weeks, less than Trump’s, but still a significant gain. Cruz now has the third-highest net favorable rating of any candidate, and his familiarity, at 69%, is above average.