Was it an attack on all women when Fiorina criticized Barbara Boxer’s looks when running for the Senate? In case you missed it, Fiorina was caught off mic, saying of Boxer, “Just look at that hair!” and laughing. Pretty hypocritical, don’t you think? Speaking of hair, how many times has Trump been criticized for his hair, his looks, his persona? Has that been sexist? Should Trump rally all fair-haired men to his cause?

While Fiorina calls out Democrats in her ad, saying women are not a “special-interest” group, we all know the ad was aimed at Trump, not the Democrats. It wasn’t Hillary Clinton who criticized Fiorina’s face. It was a male GOP candidate, and everyone commenting on the ad has put it in that light (she sure did put that sexist Trump in his place!). While many have praised Fiorina for pushing back on Trump and the war-on-women meme, she has actually advanced the notion that the GOP—and not just Trump—is, in fact, sexist and doesn’t care about women’s issues.

A frustrating fact of political life is that female Republican candidates do little to convince critics that the GOP is for women. That’s because their policy positions eventually “out” them as being anti-women in the eyes of skeptics. This is already happening to Fiorina even as pundits in the Beltway are going giddy over their chosen Trump-slayer.