“We’d gone to great lengths to make sure that aesthetically the item that we’re placing is honoring the aesthetics that are already in place,” the participant continued. “Everything from the width of the shoulders of the statue being the same width as the eagle’s wings to the bronze patina finish, everything has been made so that it feels like a cohesive unit. But we’re also installing it so that it could be removed without doing permanent damage to the structure.”

“If it gets taken down right away, it will certainly be a disappointment,” s/he concluded. “But the fact that a risk was taken, the fact that image comes out of that event that can be passed around, can never be undone. You can rip the statue out, but you can’t erase the fact that it happened and that people are sharing it.”

“The artists admit that Snowden probably wouldn’t approve of the project, since he never wanted the leaks to be about him,” Animal noted. “But they hope he’d understand why they did it.” In Russia, irony gets you.