Then there are her myriad entanglements with Wall Street and foreign governments — and the members of both who trade donations to the Clinton Foundation for access to two of the most powerful people in the United States. You know what’s the one thing that will inoculate the GOP nominee against looking like a sop to the super-rich? Running against a Democrat who’s even more enmeshed with and beholden to the global elite than the most plutocratically inclined Republican.

I can’t think of a candidate more out of step with the country’s populist mood — or desire for a fresh face in 2016.

Finally, there’s international affairs. Everything we know about Hillary Clinton — from her long-term foreign policy positions, to the stances she took while (and after) working in the Obama administration, to the calculations she’s likely to make as the first female commander-in-chief — point to her being a very hawkish candidate. Who will almost certainly be running against a typically war-drunk Republican. (Rand Paul’s candidacy isn’t going anywhere, and even he has backed away from his boldest anti-interventionist statements.) America desperately needs a choice, a debate, about the U.S. role in the world — and someone who can and will push back against Republican warmongering. Clinton certainly isn’t going to do it.