His quarterback, appearing equally puzzled, wanted everyone to know that he’s no cheater: “I would never do anything to break the rules. I believe in fair play. I have no knowledge of anything … no knowledge of any wrongdoing … I don’t know what happened.”

Really Tom? It’s hard to believe — almost laughable, really — that Brady, who is in his 15th NFL season with six trips to the Super Bowl and three Super Bowl wins, noticed nothing wrong. This is a guy who’s known to micromanage every aspect of the game, including the ball. And he’s on record saying he prefers a soft football. How could a pro like this notice nothing wrong?

The NFL, which according to ESPN reports, had been put on notice by the Colts going into the AFC Championship game that the Patriots may have used “soft balls” earlier in the season, said it is conducting a full investigation But with the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, we’ve heard nothing from them, nor apparently, has Brady, he said yesterday.