The band is getting back together. The meeting will include members of the former Massachusetts governor’s inner circle: his son, Tagg, top aides Spencer Zwick and Matt Waldrip, longtime confidante Beth Myers, political consultant Eric Fehrnstrom, longtime pal Bob White, and adviser Ron Kaufman. Though the precise location and the reason for the meeting are unknown, and several of those attending did not return immediate requests for comment, it signals a ratcheting up once again of the operation that propelled Romney’s campaigns in both 2008 and 2012.

Romney’s announcement two weeks ago had an immediate impact on the nascent Republican field, slowing the momentum Bush had hoped to gain by signaling his intentions early in the cycle. Now, many of Romney’s famously loyal donors have decided to sit on the sidelines until he makes up his mind. But they don’t want a repeat of 2012, and among the agenda items tomorrow is likely to be what changes to make if the governor runs again next year.

“It’s been incredibly impressive how many of the large contributors remain solidly committed to Mitt and are prepared to support him in the race,” says one top Romney donor. “What they’re looking for is a political strategy that leads to victory in the general election and they’d like to see a strategy that introduces the real Mitt Romney, the Mitt Romney that they know, to the American voters.”