Still, I found yesterday’s paper to be interesting for how quickly it exposed Baquet’s newfound religious sensibilities to be a sham. There, on page four, was a story by Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren. The story was about that ultra-Orthodox newspaper that removed women from its picture of the Paris unity rally following the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher grocery store massacres. (I learned all this from The Gist podcast “It Insults Lutherans.”)

Now, if you don’t know anything about ultra-Orthodox, this is completely standard for them. They are quite particular about how the sexes interact with each other. Ultra-orthodox Jews do not show pictures of women. The men do not touch the women. The men and women won’t even talk to each other if they’re alone in a room or celebrating weddings or bar mitzvahs with each other. And they don’t really even pretend to cover the news fairly.

Also, another fun fact about them is that however bizarre and illiberal their beliefs, Dean Baquet is in roughly zero danger of them blowing up the Jerusalem bureau of the New York Times.