Simply put: Break-ups are bad for you.

Yet modern society expects us to plod through failed relationship after failed relationship, pick up the pieces, put them back together, move in, move on, and try again, only to be broken again by some non-committal, freedom-loving, field-playing millennial who is super sexually revolted (and revolting).

Humans were not designed for this. The suffering and literal lovesickness that result from the termination of these romantic entanglements are nature’s way of warning us that what we’re doing is both unhealthy and downright unnatural.

Mother Nature has equipped us with countless biological red flags for our survival, most of which we take for granted. Your body shuts down when it goes through a breakup. Dozens of breakups mean long-term disease. Might this be your body’s way of telling you that investing in a series of intimate relationships only to see them dissolve is not how nature intended things to be?