Tuition for the community college I attended was approximately $4,000 per year, assuming one was taking 45 credits per year. But tuition doesn’t reflect the actual cost of a junior college education. Washington State‘s proposed budget for 2015-2017 is more than $800 million., Washington’s main website for the 3- college system, claims that it “prepares nearly 400,000 students for careers, to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and with new skills for better lives.” That translates to just above $1,000 in subsidies annually per student, and factoring in books and supplies, a sum of about $6,100 per year per student. Had I been educated in the public school system, my education through freshman and sophomore year of college would have cost a whopping $151,400.

In other words, we are spending a fortune on educating American children, yet we still feel that we must spend even more money, and another four or more years going into deep personal debt (for which the taxpayers are on the hook) to be “ready for the workforce.”

Are you telling me that in 13 years of having children focus on practically nothing outside of education (fewer and fewer teens have part-time jobs now), we graduate them without the tools they need to succeed in the job market? This has to be the biggest scam the government has ever run on us. Yet America is poised, if Obama has his way, to swallow an estimated $60 billion in new taxes, because we’ve done such a bang-up job with kids’ first 13 years of “education.”