What made us laugh the most, is that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honor … for a week now, Charlie has been moving far more than mountains across the world. For a week now, as Willem has shown us so magnificently in his drawing, Charlie has many new friends. Some anonymous, and some global celebrities. Some humble and some affluent. Some miscreants and some religious leaders. Some sincere and some akin to jesuits. Some who will be with us for the rest of our lives, and some who are just passing by.

We take them all on board today, we have neither the time nor the heart to separate them out. But that doesn’t mean that we are fooled. We wholeheartedly thank those in their millions whether simple citizens or embodying institutions who are truly at our sides, who deeply and sincerely “are Charlie.” They will know who they are. Pissing off the others who don’t give a fuck anyway.

There is however a question which still gnaws away at us: Are we finally going to see the foul expression “secular fundamentalist” disappear from political and intellectual lexicon?